Sportsmen Who are Brand Ambassadors for Betting Brands

Every day more and more states are flirting with the prospect of legalizing sports betting.  This has made the betting companies eager to launch new campaigns to snatch the attention of clients. As the number of betting companies increase so does the competition. To stand out among so much competition betting companies try to bring celebrity sportsmen under their wing and keep them ahead of the rat race. Appointing celebrity sportsmen as spokesperson also builds up the credibility of betting brands. As this investment pays off in two ways, popularity and credibility, more betting brands are bringing sportsmen on board with them. Celebrity sports persons from Football, Cricket, Boxing and other sports are serving as brand ambassadors for renowned betting sites and live cricket bet websites.

Here we have made a short list of top sportsmen acting as brand ambassadors for betting brands.

  1. Usain Bolt, Brand Ambassador for Poker Stars

Olympic champion Usain Bolt signed his contract with poker stars after his retirement in sports. Regarded as the fastest man on earth he is the source of inspiration for many. Poker stars invested in this legend to capitalize on his influence on people. As Usain Bolt holds the record of fastest man, Poker stars also promises to be the fastest in their services.

  1. Shane Warne, Brand Ambassador for Dafabet

The Australian cricketer and commentator has signed his five year deal with Dafabet to promote the brand in 2019. As he was Dafabet’s brand ambassador in 2015, this new contact is the second phase of their partnership. This leg spinner is no stranger to the betting scenario. He has shown his interest in online cricket betting by playing in casinos after his retirement from cricket. Dafabet is gearing up to expand its cricket venture and Shane Warne is at the center of its marketing strategy.

  1. Mike Tyson, Brand Ambassador for Parimatch

Mike Tyson is a global sports legend. This boxing hero signed his contract with Parimatch in 2019 for 12 months. Before joining Parimatch he was partnered with Inspire Gaming. Parimatch has planned to capitalize on the strength and ambition of this legend. Named as the Iron man Mike holds the record of being the youngest world heavyweight champion. He was also an undisputed champion for six years at a stretch. With His legendary, timeless persona and strength, Parimatch is hoping to legendary in betting.

  1. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Brand Ambassador for Bethard

The Swedish footballer signed his deal with Bethard. He is both a brand ambassador and a stakeholder of this company. As Bethard began their journey in Sweden, they found the perfect brand face in Ibrahimovic. This charismatic footballer has a glittering career at the international level. With an ambition to grow worldwide popularity, Bethard partnered up with this footballer.

In conclusion, Betting companies realize, the way to catch the players’ attention is to provide them easy access to betting sites in India and combining it with the presence of their favorite sportsmen. This partnership between betting brands and sportsmen is not developed just on the basis of business. Sometimes the sportsmen grow real interest in betting and it makes the partnership successful on every front- to the gamblers, betting company and sportsmen.

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