Top 3 Biggest Clubs in Salzburg

According to a survey conducted across the world, it has been found out that football is the most liked game in the world. This game has the greatest number of fans in comparison to other games. This why the craze of playing football has been increasing in its fans with time. To fulfil the needs of all the gullible fans of football, many people have come up with a solution known as a football club like Austria Salzburg situated in Salzburg, Austria.

Things to keep in mind Before choosing the right Football club

 Several factors need to be kept in mind before choosing the right football club. A good football club should have the following characteristics:

1. Size

The size should be kept in mind before choosing the right club. Because football seems to be fun only when the field is green and large enough like that of Austria Salzburg.

2. Price

Since playing in the big round green fields take some money in the form of membership. Therefore, it is advised to purchase the membership of the most economical football club.

3. Location

The football field situated on a farm and a little away from the city is the best to choose because it has the odor fresh air that is missing in the honking environment of the city.

Biggest clubs in Salzburg

For all the football fans of Salzburg, here is a list of biggest clubs situated in Salzburg to enjoy the season of football:

1. Austria Salzburg

This is the primary version of FC red bull as this group was originally founded in 1933 but later on due to some disputes the organization got re-established by the name of Austria Salzburg.  This club has the dress code as violet and white for home colors whereas black and white as a way colors.

2. Red Bull Club

Red bull club is the oldest and prominent football club of all time. IT was founded in the year 1933.  It was formed by the merging of two clubs Hertha and rapid. This club was first established and known by the name of Austria Salzburg. Later, after 72 years a company by the name red bull purchased it and changed its name to FC red bull.

3. Grödig Club

Grödig club is an Austrian association football club based in Goldberg stadium. It has a maximum capacity of 4132. This club has home colors as a combination of black, white and blue whereas away colors are blue and white.

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