Learning How to Play Golf

Golf is one of the best sports around, it is followed by millions all over the world. Golf is so enjoyable because anyone can play it, you do not expensive equipment and it is easy to learn the rules. It is a game where people of all ages can compete, from young to old. You do not even need a competitor; you can go around the course along and challenge yourself.

What is Golf?

The game of golf has been around for many years, players go around 18 holes and try to get the lowest possible score. Whoever succeeds is the winner, it is that simple. You basically hit the ball from a tee-off position at hole 1 through to 18. You also carry a range of different clubs that are utilised depending on your position on the course.

  • Driver – long distance shot, usually used from tee-off.
  • Irons – used for when you are on the fairway or in the rough.
  • Putter – for when you are on the green.

What Do I Need to Learn?

The main skill you need is the ability to hit the ball from point A to point B. If you would like some golf coaching in Bangkok, there are several good facilities in the capital that employee world class instructors. The best place to start is at a driving range, you will learn how to hold the club and how to control your body as you swing. This environment allows you to learn how to hit a ball straight using a variety of club faces – irons, drivers, woods, etc. If you are a complete beginner it is best to get professional instruction from a skilled golfer.

From the Driving Range to the Course

After a few lessons, you should find some players who are on the same level as you. In beginning play small amounts, 9 holes instead of the full 18. Try to pick up one small thing at a time, do not get frustrated when you are learning a new skill.

Golf is a great game once you have mastered the basics. You can enjoy a round of golf with friends, family or by yourself. Unlike most other sports, it can be played at all ages. It is low impact which makes it great for older adults. Once you get started, you will be addicted to the sport for the rest of your life.

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