Premier league fantasy football is the online game where individuals come together to form groups comprising of imaginary players to play football. The fantasy football is the strongest restful activity that creates a lot of excitement among individuals all the time. The number of people playing fantasy games is rising at an incredible pace. Sports applications have taken the universe of fantasy games to another level. You can now pick and play the game with sports applications in your android phone or on the desktop. Players are very well selected at each of the game stages with the help of the software that is advanced and easy to learn. The higher the fantasy score, the more real-life success the character gets. Many organizations make gaming applications progressive that makes it very easy to understand. Following is the method to play premier league fantasy football and collect online prizes:

How to make your team?

  • Selection of Forwards: 

To make your squad, you must pick at least 1 to the maximum of 3 forwards and they will be the players who can strike the ball with the most accuracy in the goal of the opposite team.

  • Selection of Midfielders:

You will have to pick at least 3 to the highest of 5 midfielders to make your squad and they should be the players who can pass the ball well to their teammates.

  • Selection of Defenders:

You will have to select at least 3 to the highest of 5 defenders to make your team and they should be those who can defend the players of opposition to reach your goal.

  • Selection of Goalkeeper: 

There should be 1 goalkeeper in the team.

  • Budget and Team:

An individual has the total budget of the 1000 gems in which he/she have to create the team of at least 7 players and greatest of 11 players who will be playing from a single team.

  • Points to the best player and the Captain:

The one who has done exceptionally well in the game and the one who is the team’s captain would raise their scores by x2 and x1.5 respectively.

Scoring Pattern of the game: 

  • In the fantasy football gamesthere are three scoring types in which there is a ranking based on attack, defence, and, incentive, and each of them has either negative or positive points.
  •  There is the possibility that the captain achieves all-out emphasis in a decimal figure, then we shall pick the upper point calculation. For Example: When the leader gets a target of 13.5 then we think of it as 14 points.
  • In a case where a player has 3 goal attempts then only 1 point would be granted to the team. If the player then gets 4 attempts on goal then he collects 2 points, if a player commits 2 fouls he earns -1, even if he commits 3 fouls he still collects -1.If he commits 4 fouls then he earns -2 points, so the otherwise amount is rounded off to a lower sum i.e. -1.The same is valid with kicks, clearing, saves, performed fouls, marked fouls, offside. Users effort to earn maximum points will be atleast in even shape. When the maximum 3 attempts are made then the lower point cap is assumed to round off.

Assist in the game:

The player from the goal scoring party is given assist, which is allowed before the final goal is scored. If the pass was intentional (that allows the opportunity) or unintentional (that the player had to spill the ball or an accidental touch or shot made the chance) support is given. When a competing player touches the ball after the last go before a goal is scored, effectively changing the ball’s intended target, no support would be awarded at this point. To avoid uncertainty, points awarded in the game can adjust up to five hours after the final whistle of any given day’s last match. When the goals have all been refreshed on that day, no further changes to the following goals will be made.

Clean Sheets of the game:

A clean sheet is given in the match for not conceding a target. When a player is injured or brings in as a substitute, his points may be withheld for the goals his side has lost.

Penalties in the game:

  • If 2 yellow cards appear, the player will be given-4 for two yellow cards and-4 for one full red card. When a player gets a red card they can tend to be penalized on goals that their side has lost.
  • Red card losses contain all Yellow Card points lost.In the event of a fine or free-kick, the player who acquires the penalty or free-kick is not rewarded.
  • In case match reaches a penalty otherwise no points are granted to any players for the penalties taken or the penalty saved. There are no offensive points attributed to the teams, however.
  • When a team loses more than three goals than all participants playing the match, including the replacements, will be granted -2.

Extra Points in the game:

  • Players who are in the actual winning party are given the bonus award.
  • Whenever a tie occurs during the match, no winning award will be given to any team.
  • At a point where the passing accuracy for the player’s in the overall match is more than 60 per cent then the emphasis is given to the player just on the condition that the player should have made 15 passes at any time.
  • All players are awarded the points of clearance and blocks.

Technology has made individuals increasingly remote, but the fantasy football is one technological invention that promotes social contact and friendship. Fantasy football is about planned strategy and logic. This is considered to be the best time pass for all the people who want to utilize their game related skills and earn good amount of money from it. Hence, the fantasy football is a great way to cherish the game and avail several benefits.

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