How to Start Roller Skating Without Injury

Roller skating is a fantastic sport that strengthens bones and the heart, reduces blood glucose levels, decreases stress, and boosts cholesterol levels. Regarding the health benefits, roller skating correlates with jogging by decreasing body fat and improving leg strength development. If you’re a fitness fanatic, and want to try something different, roller skating may be the perfect activity. To help you get started, and avoid any injuries, here are the steps you should take first.

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Get Some Skates

To get the most out of roller skating, you need some equipment, the most important being your roller skates. Whether you’re taking part in the sport for fitness, normal skating, or dancing, Riedell skates are great for beginners. Many skates are flimsy and may not offer you the protection you need when you are out and about. So, it’s advised to pick reputable brands, rather than accept hand me downs. Whether you pick high ankle skates or low-cut skates, you are sure to find a pair that are comfortable and practical for the sport.

Know Basic Skate Maintenance

There are a few things you will need to do with your skates to ensure they roll smoothly. You must know how to tighten and loosen the nuts on your wheels as this will keep you safe and protected. In many instances, you may find the roller skates nuts are too tight. If you plan on skating on hard indoor floors, you will need to have hard wheels, whereas, for outdoor skaters, softer wheels will provide a smoother roll over rough pavement.

Don’t Get Injured

When going out on roller skates for the first time, you must be wearing safety gear. Doing so will keep you protected as you practice. And, should you fall on your knees, you won’t be severely injured. Make sure that you’re wearing a helmet to prevent head injuries and consider wearing elbow pads. As a beginner, trips and falls are common. So, try not to be too discouraged as you will soon feel more confident.

Learn Some Moves

There are tons of fun moves you can try out on your rollerblades. Whether it’s spinning, backward skating, one-foot skating, or moonwalking, practice makes perfect. If you want to push yourself and try out some moves, you can head onto YouTube and surf through hundreds of easy to follow tutorials. If you have any friends who are roller skaters, they can teach you the A-Z too.

Get Comfortable on Your Skates

The best way to learn how to roller skate is by training your body in how to operate when you have wheels underneath you. The easiest and fastest way to master this is by wearing your skates at home, even if your home doesn’t have any great places to skate. If you have carpeted floors, you will gain a better sense of where to place your weight on your feet as you move around.

If you’re after a weather-friendly social activity, roller skating can be a great way to get outdoors, meet others, and relieve stress. Before you get started, keep the advice above in mind; it will help transform you from a roller skate newbie to a pro in no time.

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