Larry Bird – A Legend was born

Larry Bird is a well-acclaimed name as the greatest player in NBA history. He is on the list of 10 players who not only played well but also successful in making a strong impact in people’s hearts.

In 1975, Larry Bird got enrolled at Indiana State University after when he rejected a scholarship offered to play at Indiana University 1974. The game he played got the highest television rating in the history of college basketball. Around 53% from the field usually shot by Bird and an average of 82% throughout his tenure is also appreciated at Indiana State.

The key achievements of Larry Bird

  • Become a three-time NBA champion.
  • 10 times NBA All-Star Team.
  • Got selected to the All-Defense Team about 3 times.
  • Awarded as NBA Rookie of the year in 1979.
  • Become MVP in 2 of 3 championships.

Impact of Larry Bird

Boston Celtics selected him in the 1978 NBA Draft but didn’t report, until and unless he was paid a good amount. Therefore, he was signed as the highest rookie contract ever in sports history. He did earn about 3.25 million dollars in 5 years.

After this, Bird Collegiate Rule came by which it is necessary to follow NBA draft eligibility rules for preventing the teams from players who are ready to sign the contract.

The bird was a successful name in basketball history and the deadliest one too. Apart from winning the NBA All-Star game 3-point, he had successfully shot 38% from long-distance.

The amazing statistics of Larry Bird

Larry Bird is a crowned player and is a renowned member of the Basketball Hall of Fame. On average, he has 10 Rebounds Per Game, 24.3 Points Per Game, and 6.3 Assists Per Game in around 897 games.

Truly a legend

Larry Bird took retirement after completing 3 years in college and about 13 years in NBA. But, still, he is pursuing his interest in the game. From 1992-1997, he worked as Boston Celtics special assistant.

In 1997, he was appointed as Head Coach of Indiana Pacers, though he didn’t have any prior experience. while working with the Pacers in 2000, he took them to the finale and became NBA Coach Of The Year. And, it was 2011 when he went to win the NBA Executive Of The Year award.

3 championships, excellent career numbers, and successful life; Larry Bird is the name we can’t forget.

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