Brad Pyatt to Introduce PlantFuel Nutritional Supplement Exclusively With GNC

Brad Pyatt’s PlantFuel is “growing” new ways to stay healthy.

As the name implies, PlantFuel is a plant-based wellness brand. With a mission to help consumers re-evaluate their nutritional choices, the company is offering new food and supplement solutions. Each revolutionary product has a patented, plant-based blend that’s rooted in science.

And, these new options couldn’t come at a better time. Americans are more aware of their overall health than ever. Health and wellness are trending. During the pandemic, the collective interest in supplements and more organic products has increased dramatically over the last year. In fact, many researchers, including the MDPI have documented the rise in immune-related nutrients and supplements during COVID-19.

While these supplements have never been more popular, PlantFuel is a result of its founder’s commitment to this cause for more than a decade. After retiring from the NFL, wide receiver turned entrepreneur Brad Pyatt has accumulated over 15 years of experience across multiple health and wellness industries. For his work, Brad Pyatt was ranked as one of “The 50 Most Successful Athlete Entrepreneurs of All-Time” by Money Inc in 2019. Now, PlantFuel is his latest accomplishment. And, its benefits are supported by science.

The company’s introductory line features products designed specifically for athletes wanting to improve performance. The Performance Protein packs 20g of protein, along with vegan-fermented amino acids. Perhaps most exciting, the mix uses PeakO2 performance mushrooms. These six, certified organic fungi improve oxygen usage, allowing athletes to train longer and more intensely. The company’s All-in-One Pre-Workout encourages increased hydration, blood flow, and recovery. Customers can try it in Fruit Punch, Watermelon, and Blue Raspberry. Infused with organic caffeine, each flavor leaves customers feeling more energized and alert. Finally, the All-in-One Recovery uses these same compounds but also adds vegan priming agents and creatine to reduce soreness and increase recovery time.

But you don’t have to be a world-class athlete to enjoy PlantFuel. The brand is also introducing products for overall wellness. Its All-in-One Nutrition contains 29 different fruits and vegetables. In addition to plant-based protein, the mix uses a clinically-proven beta glucan that boosts your immune system. The Daily Immunity + Hydration features this same formula, but also includes calcified sea algae that promotes superior hydration benefits. Meant to be taken every day, this blend is proven to fuel any active lifestyle. Not only will your body thank you but so will your taste buds. Initial flavors available are Citrus Burst, Tropical Punch, and Raspberry Lemonade.

Brad Pyatt and PlantFuel have signed an exclusive release deal with industry-leading GNC. These products will be available online and in U.S. locations nationwide starting in August.

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