How Can I Practice Boxing At Home?

The Covid-19 pandemic has altered every aspect of our lives, including the way we keep ourselves fit. Over the past year, many gyms across the country have closed down with no definite opening date in sight. This trend has led to the rise of online boxing classes and other online fitness classes.

Although some gyms have now opened up, people do not want to risk exercise in a confined space with many other members working out there. However, this should not become a deterrent for you to maintaining your health and fitness. Some people wonder whether the only way to keep ship-shape is to have a home gym, which may not always be a feasible solution for them.

Basic Boxing Techniques You Can Practice At Home

The fact is that you can get a complete body workout by practicing boxing at home. Here is some information that will help set you right on track. As a beginner, you can learn boxing basics by practicing drills, punches, and combos. The basic skills of boxing include the hook, the cross, uppercut punches, and the jab. With regular practice, you can use a synchronized mix of punches and footwork and master the art of boxing.

Watch Online Boxing Classes for The Right Boxing Stance

Using the correct stance in boxing is crucial to learning and mastering the art. Some things you can do to master the right boxer’s stance include

  • Lead only with the shoulder that is opposite to your punching hand (If you are right-handed, position your left shoulder toward the bag and vice-versa)
  • Always set your feet a shoulder-width apart
  • Bend our hips and knees slightly bent
  • Keep your feet at an angle of 45-degrees towards the target
  • Keep your glove at your shoulder height
  • Place your elbows closer to your sides while using your forearms to shield your chest
  • Keep your wrist position inwards while keeping your right glove underneath your chin

If you are serious about building and developing your boxing skills, you must focus on your stance and footwork. There are many online boxing classes where you can learn these techniques and skills. Follow the pointers and expert tips the trainer mentions and practice them regularly.

Understanding What Boxing Punches Are

Boxing is built on the foundation of four basic punches, which include:

  • The Jab involves moving your arm forward, and it is a quick punch. If you are right-handed, you will have to use your left arm in this punch and vice-versa.
  • The Cross is a straight punch you throw with your rear arm. A right-handed boxer will use their right arm, and a left-handed one will use their left arm in the cross.
  • The uppercut is short, and you can use either arm to throw this punch.
  • The Hook is a short side punch that you throw at an angle of 90 degrees, and you can use either arm to throw this type of punch.

Why Online Boxing Classes Are Now a Boon

The beauty of learning these punches and more complex skills via internet-based boxing classes is that you can learn them from just about any location and do not have to head to a gym or physical boxing class. Once you have mastered the basics, you can move on to more complex boxing combos and techniques.

Look for a credible online boxing class with skilled trainers that conduct interactive sessions. It’s a great way to learn boxing and stay in shape without having to step out of your home. You will find many different online boxing classes suitable for various skill and physical fitness levels.

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